Journal articles.

The myth of occurrence-based semantics 

Linguistics and Philosophy

(forthcoming) (w/ B. Pickel) ::doi

The paradox of self-blame

American Philosophical Quarterly

(forthcoming) (w/ P. Todd) ::doi

Frege and saving substitution

Philosophical Studies

(forthcoming) (w/ B. Pickel) ::doi

Binding bound variables in epistemic contexts


(forthcoming) ::doi

Future contingents and the logic of temporal omniscience


(2021), 55(1): 102-127 (w/ P. Todd) ::doi

Might generics


(2020), 39: 8-9  ::doi

Monsters and the theoretical role of context

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

(2019), 98(2): 392-416 (w/ D. Ball) ::doi   [ supplement ]

Against the Russellian open future  


(2017), 126(504): 1217–1237 (w/ A. Schoubye)  ::doi

A bridge from semantic value to content

Philosophical Topics

(2017), 45(2): 181-207 ::doi

Does semantic relationism solve Frege's puzzle?

Journal of Philosophical Logic

(2017), 46 (1): 97-118 (w/ B. Pickel)  ::doi

The antinomy of the variable: A Tarskian resolution

Journal of Philosophy

(2016), 113(3): 137-170 (w/ B. Pickel)  ::doi

The history of the use of ⟦.⟧-notation in natural language semantics 

Semantics and Pragmatics

(2016), 9:12  ::doi

Well-founding grounding grounding

Journal of Philosophical Logic

(2016), 45(4): 349-379 (w/ G. Rabin) ::doi

Descriptions which have grown capital letters

Mind & Language

(2015), 30(3): 292-319  ::doi

Two-dimensional semantics and the nesting problem


(2014), 74(2): 210–224 (w/ D. Chalmers)  ::doi

Dangerous reference graphs and semantic paradoxes

Journal of Philosophical Logic

(2013), 42(5): 727-765 (w/ L. Rabern & M. Macauley)  ::doi

Monsters in Kaplan's logic of demonstratives   

Philosophical Studies

(2013), 164(2): 393-404 ::doi

Propositions and multiple indexing


(2012), 1(2): 116-124 ::doi

Against the identification of assertoric content with compositional value


(2012), 189(1): 75-96 ::doi

A simple solution to the hardest logic puzzle ever


(2008), 68(298): 105-112 ( w/ L. Rabern)  ::doi

Counterpart theory (section)

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Semantic monsters

Routledge Handbook on Linguistic Reference

(2021), Biggs & Geirsson (ed.)

Reviving the parameter revolution in semantics

The Science of Meaning : Oxford University Press

 (2018): 138-171 (w/ B. Pickel & J. Dever)

Introduction to the science of meaning

The Science of Meaning : Oxford University Press

 (2018): 1-45 (w/ D. Ball)

Index, context, and the content of knowledge

Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Contextualism

(2017), Ichikawa, J. (ed.)


Volume and Encylopedia contributions.


Paper for volume commemorating 50th anniversary of Kripke's Naming and Necessity

Against Fregean quantification (under review) 

If counterfactuals were neg-raisers, conditional excluded middle wouldn’t be valid

(forthcoming in special issue of Synthese on indeterminacy) (w/ P. Todd)

Chess notation (in review)

Diagonal content and assertion (in progress)

Epistemic counterpart theory (in progress) 

A note on the nesting problem for two-dimensionalism (in progress)

A formal semantics for Wittgenstein's builder language

Tree-ring semantics

Structural fixed-point theorems (w. L. Rabern),


Playing cards with Vizing's demon (w. L. Rabern),


In defense of the two question solution to the hardest logic puzzle ever (w. L. Rabern)

Compactness: From Gödel to Heine-Borel (w. L. Rabern and M. Macauley), arXiv:0808.0844 

Papers in progress.

Books and edited volumes.

The Science of Meaning:

Essays on the metatheory of natural language semantics

Oxford University Press

(2018), edited w/ D. Ball

(OUP website)

Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21


co-edited w/ Cummins, Heycock, Rohde, and Truswell


Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences

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