Mind, Matter, and Language (PHIL08014)


Course secretary: Alison Lazda, philinfo@ed.ac.uk

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Lecture topics by week

Week Date Topic Lecturer
1 17 Sept Frege on sign, function, and object Dr. Rabern
2 24 Sept Frege on sense and reference Dr. Rabern
3 01 Oct Russell on denoting Dr. Rabern
4 08 Oct Russell on the theory of descriptions Dr. Rabern
5 15 Oct Wittgenstein on meaning and use Dr. Rabern
6 22 Oct Dualism and the mind-body problem Dr. Wilson
7 29 Oct Identity theories Dr. Wilson
8 05 Nov Functionalism and multiple realisability Dr. Wilson
9 12 Nov Kripkeā€™s modal argument and the explanatory gap Dr. Wilson
10 19 Nov The knowledge argument Dr. Wilson
11 26 Nov Revision Week Rabern/Wilson

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This course will be examined on the basis of two pieces of assessed work (full details):

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