MML Lectures and Readings

Week 1. Frege on sign, function, and object

Read: Frege, 'Function and concept'

Week 2. Frege on sense and reference

Read: Frege, 'Sense and reference'

Week 3. Russell on denoting

Read: Russell, 'On denoting'

Week 4. Russell on the theory of descriptions

Read: Russell, 'Knowledge by acquaintance knowledge by description'

Week 5. Wittgenstein on meaning and use

Read: Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, §1-38

Week 6. Dualism and the mind-body problem

Read: Descartes, Meditations 2 & 6; 
      Descartes, Passions of the soul, §17-19; §30-36

Week 7. Identity theories.

Read: Place, 'Is consciousness a brain process?' 
      Smart, 'Sensations and brain processes'

Week 8. Functionalism and multiple realisability.

Read: Searle, 'Can computers think?' 
      Block, 'Troubles with functionalism'

Week 9. Kripke’s modal argument and the explanatory gap.

Read: Kripke, Naming and Necessity [excerpt: pp. 144-55]

Week 10. The knowledge argument.

Read: van Gulick, 'Understanding the Phenomenal Mind: Are We All Just Armadillos?'

Week 11. Revision week.

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