Logic Homework

There is a program of 10 assigned homework exercise sets. The exercises are available online, on the web application elogic, and form an integral part of the course; homework is assigned on a Monday and always due on the Friday of the following week. Since the exersices will be discussed in the respective weekly tutorial, it is extremely important that students work on the exercises prior to tutorial.

The marks on the coursework are counted as 20% of the final mark, so make sure to do them. (If you are stuck attend the Logic Lab.)

Schedule (2021):

Week 1: MU-playground [Due Jan 22]

Week 2: L1 Symbolisations [Due Jan 29]

Week 3: L1 Derivations [Due Feb 5]

Week 4: L2 Symbolisations and Derivations [Due Feb 12]

Break Week

Week 5: L2 Derivations [Due Feb 26]

Week 6: L2 Truth-tables and countermodels [Due Mar 5]

Week 7: L3 Symbolisations [Due Mar 12]

Week 8: L3 Derivations [Due Mar 19]

Week 9: L3 Derivations [Due Mar 26]

Week 10: L3 Countermodels [Due Apr 2]

Bonus Exersices: L4 symbolisations, derivations, and countermodels