Contemporary Debates in Logic and Language

Course organizers: Brian Rabern and Bryan Pickel

Course description: This course introduces postgraduate students to current research in philosophy of langauge and logic. The topics this semester will concern issues in semantic theory centring around reference, indexicality, attitude reports, and de se content. (drps)

Time and location:

Week 1 Sept 17 Introduction to course
Week 2 Sept 24 Lecture on reference
Week 3 Oct 1 Speaker: Imogen Dickie
Week 4 Oct 8 Lecture on attitude reports
Week 5 Oct 15 Speaker: Hazel Pearson
Week 6 Oct 22 Lecture on context-sensitivity
Week 7 Oct 29 Lecture on metasemantics
Week 8 Nov 5 Speaker: Eliot Michealson
Week 9 Nov 12 Lecture on de se content
Week 10 Nov 19 Speaker: Stephan Torre


Background reading:


PHIL11193, University of Edinburgh, Philosophy
Course secretary: Becky Verdon