Teaching Awards Nominations 2022


1 Category: Teacher of the Year.

I am really enjoying his course, Logic 1. Unique editing of lecture videos shows us our lecturer's funny personality, which makes all pre-recorded lectures far more enjoyable. (I usually find it difficult to concentrate to watch pre-recorded lectures.) Not only do we learn new things every week, but I enjoyed watching those lectures. Also, the course's learn page was also fun to explore. I was not that interested in the subject much at the beginning, but just exploring the course learn page was really exciting. Not only academic materials, but we can also even find our lecturer's Vegan peanut butter cookie recipe, or a Spotify playlist for our courses. At the beginning of the semester, we had a short trailer video (like a film) for this course. The engagement of making the learn page more fun helped me to be a little more interested in the subject.

2 Category: Teacher of the Year.

Engaging and funny lecturer, I was dreading my philosophy Logic course before it started but he makes it fun and interesting.

3 Category: Teacher of the Year.

Brian's Lectures are genuinely fun to watch and listen to, not only are they informative but they have the perfect ratio of background knowledge to core concepts to fun little facts. Brian is one of the first lecturers I've came across who wholeheartedly cares about his students, his course, and his subject. He has made semester two a lot more bearable for me, in a storm full of essays and deadlines and research projects, Brian is the warm logical shelter that takes me in and keeps me sane.

4 Category: Teacher of the Year.

His logic course is very hard yet he makes it so interesting and fun and has a fantastic way of explaining the topic. The structure of the course is wonderful and there is so much in place for students to truly understand the material. ‏‎

5 Category: Teacher of the Year.

Excellent course (Logic 1); quality of teaching is brilliant for a unique discipline that nearly no student has ever come across. Now I have a basic understanding of fundamentals for a part of philosophy that genuinely intrigues me. Thanks to Dr. Rabern I will pursue logic further, having never even considered it prior to starting the course.‏‎

5 Category: Teacher of the Year.

He is a good lecturer. The lecture material is really interesting.‏‎

6 Category: Outstanding Innovation in Digital Teaching.

I was a little anxious about the difficulty of the course at the beginning of the semester, but Dr Rabern's outstanding commitment to making lectures constantly engaging, entertaining and informative has made this my favourite course of the semester. I've never had such amazing online teaching until now!

7 Category: Outstanding Course (Logic 1).

Despite having some very difficult subject matter, the course is delivered in an incredibly clear, interesting and digestible manner. The lectures are fun, enjoyable and entertaining while also being succinct and clearly have had a lot of work put into them to make them this way. The tutorials are excellent and the 'logic lab' support sessions both mean that any issues or problems can be dealt with quickly and easily with help from tutors.

8 Category: Outstanding Course (Logic 1).

Logic 1 has the potential to be a really complicated and dull course. However, you can tell Brian put a lot of effort into making the course engaging and entertaining to all students. He also somehow manages to make pre-recorded lectures entertaining. I have never enjoyed lectures as much as I enjoy Logic 1 lectures, and it's certainly the case that I wouldn't be as good at logic if it weren't for Brian's incredible teaching style.

9 Category: Outstanding Course (Logic 1).

I have really enjoyed Logic 1 this semester, the course content has been interesting and Brian's use of past in-person lecture recordings (and all the editing!) has made the lectures very engaging. They are very different from my other lectures but this has made them exciting to watch, allowing me to maintain interest/concentration for longer, and gave me an idea of what a normal year without online learning would be like. The Elogic application has been a great way to practise working with the formal languages and the homework has been challenging but hasn't taken up a disproportionate amount of my time. After taking mostly essay subjects so far, I was unsure of this course at first, but Brian's teaching style has made it a really good experience.

The annual EUSA Teaching Awards provide students with an opportunity to thank staff for their hard work and celebrate the very best of teaching and support at the University of Edinburgh.