I'm a Reader in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests center around philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and formal semantics, but I also work generally on topics in metaphysics and epistemology.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences

University of Edinburgh

3 Charles St., Edinburgh

EH8 9AD, United Kingdom

One main research focus is on foundational issues in natural language semantics related to  compositionality, content, and context-dependence. Another is on the semantics of quantification and binding, and issues in the vicinity of Russell's antinomy of the variable—the historical issues, the foundational logical issues, and the relations to linguistics. I'm also interested in traditional philosophical problems,  and in the deployment of formal methods in the service of addressing such problems, so think about puzzles and paradoxes having to do with truth, knowledge, modality, time, grounding, etc. For example, I'm currently interested in develoments of counterpart theory in relation to de re epistemic modality.

In Memoriam:

Landon Rabern (1981-2020)