brian rabern


Journal articles.

Monsters and the theoretical role of context

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

(forthcoming), (w/ D. Ball) ::doi [ supplement ]


A bridge from semantic value to content

Philosophical Topics

(forthcoming) ::doi


Does semantic relationism solve Frege's puzzle?

Journal of Philosophical Logic

(forthcoming), (w/ B. Pickel) ::doi


Against the Russellian open future


(forthcoming), (w/ A. Schoubye) ::doi


The antinomy of the variable: A Tarskian resolution

Journal of Philosophy

(2016), 113(3): 137-170 (w/ B. Pickel) ::doi


The history of the use of ⟦.⟧-notation in natural language semantics

Semantics and Pragmatics

(2016), 9:12 ::doi


Well-founding grounding grounding

Journal of Philosophical Logic

(2016), 45(4): 349-379 (w/ G. Rabin) ::doi


Descriptions which have grown capital letters

Mind & Language

(2015), 30(3): 292-319 ::doi


Two-dimensional semantics and the nesting problem


(2014), 74(2): 210–224 (w/ D. Chalmers) ::doi


Dangerous reference graphs and semantic paradoxes

Journal of Philosophical Logic

(2013), 42(5): 727-765 (w/ L. Rabern & M. Macauley) ::doi


Monsters in Kaplan's logic of demonstratives

Philosophical Studies

(2013), 164(2): 393-404 ::doi


Propositions and multiple indexing


(2012), 1(2): 116-124 ::doi


Against the identification of assertoric content with compositional value


(2012), 189(1): 75-96 ::doi


A simple solution to the hardest logic puzzle ever


(2008), 68(298): 105-112 ( w/ L. Rabern) ::doi


Volume contributions.

Edited volumes.

In progress.

Binding bound variables (under review)


Future contingents and the logic of temporal omniscience (under review) (w/ P. Todd)


The myth of occurrence-based semantics (in progress) (w/ B. Pickel)


Tree-ring semantics (draft)


Reviving the parameter revolution in semantics

The Science of Meaning

(forthcoming) (w/ B. Pickel & J. Dever)


Index, context, and the content of knowledge

Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Contextualism

(2017), Ichikawa, J. (ed.)

Assertion and content

Oxford Handbook on Assertion


The Science of Meaning

Oxford University Press

(forthcoming), edited w/ Derek Ball