The Logic Circle provides S5 and S6 students in Edinburgh high schools an introduction to the disciple of logic. Logic is one of the oldest intellectual disciplines in human history, and is essential background for many subjects, but especially mathematics, linguistics, cognitive science, philosophy, and computer science. We will engage with logic puzzles and play logic-related games, and find opportunities to investigate some logical systems in detail, e.g. propositional logic, quantificational logic.



Thursdays 1:00pm – 1:40, Room 2.07, James Gillespie's High School





Dr. Brian Rabern

Lecturer in Logic and Philosophy of Language

University of Edinburgh



October 2018






November 2018









Upcoming activities


Logic games, puzzles, and skills: Hanabi, Set, Nim, etc., Knights and knaves, Muddy children, red-eyes , etc., the MIU system, truth-tables, venn diagrams, proofs in propositional logic, etc.