philosophy of language group

schedule:  [autumn 2019]

    • Oct 1, Tuesday, 3:10-5:00pm

             Imogen Dickie

            "Demonstratives and Underspecification"

            7 George Square - G32

    • Oct 15, Tuesday, 3:10-5:00pm

             Hazel Pearson

             "Constraints on Counteridenticals"

             7.01, DSB 

    • Nov 5, Tuesday, 3:10-5:00pm

             Eliot Michealson

             "Towards a Grand Unified Theory of Reference"

              7.01, DSB 

    • Nov 14, Thursday, 3:10-5:00pm

             Andreas Stokke

             "Fictional Metarepresentation in Non-Fiction"

             7.01, DSB

    • Nov 19, Tuesday, 3:10-5:00pm

             Stephan Torre

             "First-Person Imaginings"

             7.01, DSB

    • Nov 26, Tuesday, 3:10-5:00pm

             Indrek Reiland 

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             room tbd




                         ... more to be announced soon ...

          The Edinburgh philosophy of language group (EPLG) meets regularly to discuss papers or works-in-progress, or to attend presentations by visiting researchers. Usual topics include a range of issues in philosophy of language and logic, including the nature of meaning, formal semantics, syntax, metasemantics, semantic metatheory, propositions, reference, etc.

          contact: Brian Rabern